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HNRH and KDS News and Notes

Graduation 2020 video

Click here to view our 2020 Graduation video.



2020 Recognition Video

Click here to view the Recognition of our 2020 recipients.



June Report Card 2020 Communication to Parents/Guardians

When will I receive my child’s report card?

Report cards are scheduled to be distributed during the week of June 22-26, 2020.  For Hants North and Kennetcook District, June report cards, and IPP reports where applicable, will be issued electronically on June 22nd.  Report cards / IPP reports will be sent to the email address provided by the parent/guardian in PowerSchool.

If you have not received a report card by June 26th, or if you do not have email access, please contact Lisa Jackson - or call 362-3309 so that other arrangements can be made to provide you with your child’s report card information.


Information for Graduates

and their families on Graduation

Click here for information


Hants North is proud to announce the recipients of the
2020 Lieutenant Governor's Award.
Congratulations to you both!

Sidney Singer


Sidney is an academically strong student, having received Honours with Distinction as well as the highest average in her grade the last 2 years. She  is continually searching for opportunities to continue her learning while balancing school and community activities. In her second year as International Student Ambassador, she was chosen to participate in the Campeche Leadership Camp in Mexico. A keen interest in political science led to her participation in the  Encounters with Canada: Democracy and Youth program. Over the last several years, she has volunteered her time every morning to deliver the morning announcements. She does this in a professional manner and always presents herself positively.Sidney is a valued member of the basketball, soccer and volleyball teams as well as a volunteer coach for youth volleyball. In her community she volunteers for both the Baseball Association and the Food Bank. Sidney has also achieved the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver Awards and is currently working on the Gold Award. She is interested in a career in international affairs, politics or law and plans to attend university in the United States. Congratulations, Sidney.

Lillian Flynn


Lilly is an academically strong student who maintains a balance of school and community involvement. She has been the recipient of the Citizenship Medal and has received Honors with Distinction  for the last two years. Her interest in social justice has led to her being a dedicated member of the GSA committee, We Act committee, and Headstrong, a committee that is dedicated to eliminating the stigma surrounding mental health. Lilly is one of those students who is always keen to volunteer and is a dependable individual. Lilly attended the International Students Ambassador camp and has been  one of four school ambassadors at Hants North.In addition, she is a member of the school basketball and track teams. Although Lillly is unsure of her future plans, though a career that helps others will be a given. Congratulations Lilly!



To all grade 12 students and their families.

Celebrating our grade 12 student accomplishments is important to everyone, students, families, community, and staff.  With Covid restrictions currently in place, the usual can not take place where large groups gather at this time.   

As schools, we are being given direction by the Regional Center for Education regarding graduation type activities.  As you would expect there are guidelines that we need to adhere to from a safety perspective.

As a school, we are currently looking into ways to recognize and celebrate student accomplishments amid the Covid restrictions from the Province.  Any activities that may be planned by the school will follow the public health guidelines for compliant graduation recognition type events as outlined by provincial officials.   

Currently, we are working on a number of scenarios and will share updates as soon as possible.

Please see the following documents for information on the process for students or family member to pick up and / or to drop off items at the school.

The process is different for KDS and HNRH so please read the correct document.

Then click on the appropriate link(s) to choose an appointment time.

KDS Information

KDS Appoinment sign up

HNRH Information

HNRH Appointment sign up


Report Cards and Interim Marks

T2 report Cards for grades P-8 have been sent as a link in emails.

Interim Marks will be available in PowerSchool Portal on May 12th


Hants North Course Selection 2020-2021


Students and parents are invited to review the site below for grade level google slideshows, course selection sheets, student planning sheet (credit check for grade 10-11) as well as the Course Selection Guide Booklet.


Grade 9 students/parents are also invited to review the Options and Opportunities slideshow and the Transition to Grade 10 : Choosing a Math course slideshow.

Online course registration will be open on Monday, May 11 for current grade 9 -11 students. Instructions for doing this is found in the grade level slideshows . Course registration will be open all week.



Click Here For Course Registration Info



Monday - Wednesday google hangouts below


Please review all relevant google slideshows, Course Selection Guide, Student planning sheet and grade level course selection sheets.


Students who have never taken a virtual high schoolcourse must complete a form in order to be registered.

Email Ms. MacIntyre to discuss and receive the form.











2019 - 2020 YEARBOOK

Our HNRH 2019-2020 Yearbook is now available to purchase online!

To order your yearbook, go to and use ID code: 13826420.

The cost of this year's yearbook is $33.00



Increased Anxiety, Stress, and Other Mental Health Issues in an Isolated World - an article by Maureen Bennie

Click here to read this article

Parent Website for Grief Resources  developed by Student Services staff in CCRCE

This Parent Resource Site consists of resources for families that touch on helpful information with regards to general symptoms of grief, trauma responses, tips on how to talk and answer questions with children, supporting and managing children's grief/trauma, healthy coping strategies for both children and teens, family friendly activities, local supports, and quick links.




Grads Please Check the Grad Class Information page under the Our School Heading on the top of this page.


HNRH Teachers Online Availability Monday to Friday

Holidays and weekends are non work days

Teachers may be available at other times - make arrangements through them.


8-9                   Andrews

9-10                 Andrews, Whiteside, Dixon

10-11               Veno, DeCoff, Day, Ellis, Keeping, MacIntosh, Pertus, Isenor, Singer

10:30-11:30     Conway

11-12               MacIntyre, Veinot, Day, MacIntosh, Singer

12-1                 Bruce

12:30-2:30       Davis

1-2                   DeCoff, Whiteside, Keeping, Conway, Blackie, Lunn, Pertus, Wiseman

2-3                   Bruce, Veinot, Dixon

3-4                   MacIntyre

4-5                   MacIntosh


Check out the Library Blog from Ms White


A Message to Parents from the CCRCE

Click Here


A Message to grade 12 Students

Click Here


Learning Plan

With the information we have right now we are hoping to have learning plans ready for April 8th, that may change as we work through the details over the next few days. Teachers will be contacting their students to convey how they will be delivering content to those who will be accessing it online. 

Here is some information put out by the Government of N.S.

For homes that can not access online resources please watch your flyers that are delivered to your home, there should be a package included with work for various grade levels. More info to follow on the flyer work packages.


Dear parents and guardians,
Based on Premier McNeil’s press conference on the status of education in Nova Scotia today, we anticipate we may need to contact parents in the coming days with an educational continuity plan.
Unfortunately, we have had a number of emails in the past, bounce back and some parents have not given the school an address. If you have not received an email in the past and want the communication, we are requesting you to email with an up-to-date address and your child’s name.
We also ask students to please check GNSPES email regularly for communication. Updates, when available, will also be on our Facebook page.
Thanks for your patience as we wait for direction and put into place a plan of action.
HNRH / KDS Administration, Teachers and Support Staff


We need to gather information on who has or does not have technology and internet access from home. We are asking all students (or parents) from P - 12 to complete a google form with a few questions as we prepare to move forward with student learning. If you know someone who does not have internet access please contact them and have them email or call Lisa -  -  890-8288

Please complete one of the following fourms.

KDS Students


Hants North Students



Click here for a message from Dr. Strang to us all.


We want to let everyone know that we are waiting to hear from the province on the "learning plan" moving forward. When we hear you will know as well. You can also check the CCRCE website for updates and more information. For now please stay safe and follow the guidelines set forth by the Government and Department of Health. 

Stay Safe and take care of each other!

If parents or students have any general inquiries please email Lisa - instead of calling the main office.

If urgent then please call the Central Office Switch board (1-902) 897-8900


COVID-19 Update

Please click HERE for an update for grade 12 students - March 22nd, 2020



Health and Wellness Day


Grades 10 - 12 please click here to complete a google form to

provide your input on a Health and Wellness Day offered for you.



School Menus

Click here for both KDS and HNRH Menus


Febuary Newsletters




Regional Policy Regarding Exam Exemptions

Click here for Information


Drinking water quality monitoring and testing program

Click here for information on this program.



For information about electronic report cards click HERE!



Follow this link for information on Tick Safety!



2019-2020 School Calendar



Sobeys Supporting ASD Families



Winter Scholarship Listings


Supporting Your Child With ADHD at School

See Information Poster HERE



SchoolsPlus Calendar

Click here for the SchoolsPlus Calendar for HNRH & KDS


School Calendars

HNRH Calendar

KDS Calendar




Hants North Clothing Online




Tick Protection
Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students:
Enjoy the outdoors – and check for ticks!
It’s a great time of year to enjoy the outdoors but we need to be aware and careful in areas where there may be blacklegged ticks (also called deer ticks). These are very small ticks – sometimes as small as the period at the end of this sentence. They can carry the germ that causes a bacterial infection called Lyme disease. Deer ticks are found across Nova Scotia, so it’s important to be vigilant and take simple preventative measures.
Follow these steps to help protect against ticks, especially in grassy, wooded or shrub covered areas:
 Apply insect repellents containing DEET or Icaridin to exposed skin and clothes. Follow directions on the package carefully.
 Wear light colored long sleeved shirts and pants, closed-toed shoes, and tuck shirts into pants and pant legs into socks.
 Keep lawns mowed short.
 Put playground equipment in sunny, dry places away from wooded areas, yard edges, and trees.
 Check your whole body for ticks and, when possible, take a bath or shower within two hours of coming indoors. This makes it easier to find ticks and washes away loose ones.
 If you find ticks, here’s how to remove them safely:
o Carefully grasp the tick with tweezers as close to the skin as possible.
o Gently and slowly pull the tick straight out. Do not jerk, twist or squeeze it.
o Clean and disinfect the site with soap and water, rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.
o Dispose of the tick in a sealed plastic bag and put in the garbage.
o Do NOT burn, squeeze or coax a tick’s mouthparts from your skin using other methods.
The first symptom of Lyme disease is usually a rash that may look like a bull’s eye target near the tick bite. The rash can appear anywhere from 3-30 days after the bite. Symptoms such as fever, headache, tiredness, stiff neck, pain and swelling in the joints and general body aches and pains may develop. Symptoms may appear over a period of months. If symptoms appear, it is very important to contact a health care provider. Lyme disease can be treated with antibiotics.
To access a great educational video for kids about how to protect against tick bites, and to learn more about Lyme disease and blacklegged ticks, visit - or call your local Public Health office at the number listed below.
Dr. Ryan Sommers, MD CCFP FRCPC(PHPM)
Medical Officer of Health Northern Zone



Hants North and Kennetcook District


PowerSchool app vs Computer

It has come to our attention that many parents and students are using the PowerSchool app to track student progress. When you are using the app you will not have access to view all information. If the teacher is marking by outcome you will not be able to view the marks of the outcome or outcomes if more than one is accessed. To have full viewing right please use the web version of PowerSchool. The app is not made by the company that owns PowerSchool and has limited functios.



When you visit the new Boston Pizza in Truro - write on the back of your receipt Hants North Athletics and Boston Pizza will donate 5% of all the sales back to the school. Tell all your friends and family - any receipt with Hants North Athletics will be eligible towards the donation!



Important Notice to Parents:


Students are responsible for their electronic devices - phones, tablets etc.

Students are expected to keep these items secured at all times. Lockers are available for all students and we encourage students to secure valuables in them when not in use. 

Valuables should not be left unattended at any time.



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