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Start Up 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians


First of all we are looking forward to the start of the school year with our students in attendance.  Yes it has been unique times with the Covid pandemic.  However we are planning for a great school year and will work through these unique times together to ensure both education and safety of our students and staff.


There a number of things to review concerning our upcoming school year for students and parents to be aware of.  Below are some of the things related to our school year at HNRH/KDS as a result of Covid guidelines from the provincial health and education 


  • Parents/guardians are reminded to complete the daily covid self assessment check list and asked to keep their student(s) home if any symptoms are present.
  • Students p-9 will be "cohorted" with their homeroom class with breaks and lunches
  • Teachers will travel to the 7-9 classes rather than those classes moving throughout the building
  • Upon arrival to school all students will be asked to go directly to their homeroom classes (p-9) or their first period class (10-12)
  • Lunches and breaks for p-9 will be scheduled, cohorted, and assigned to areas to aid with distancing and cohorting
  • Hand sanitizer and hand washing will be available throughout the building
  • Students and staff will be encouraged to distance as much as possible where appropriate
  • Hallways will have markings to control flow and help students/staff remember to distance
  • Entrance/exit doors will be marked
  • Lockers are not available and students are encouraged to have backpacks for their items
  • Students should only bring essential items to school
  • Supplies are not to be shared between students
  • For those students that are bussed, please make sure you register and check Bus Planner
  • Buses currently arrive depart in a staggered format 
  • Students are reminded to bring their own water bottle as water fountains will not be used.  Water filling stations will be available
  • Only essential visitors are permitted into the school
  • General pick up/drop off of items will be done with the use of a tote outside
  • Students only will be permitted inside.  Parents are asked to drop off at the door and if you are picking up a student they will be sent outside 
  • Breakfast program will operate with some grab and go style items

Please note that Chartwells who run our cafeteria service will not be offering any services until September 14th.

We are looking forward to a great school year and working together we can make this happen.


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