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Grad Class Information

June 12th, 2020


Dear HNRH Graduates of 2020 and Families:


Graduating from high school is a significant milestone for our students, their families and friends, as well as our staff.


Grade 12 students in our province have persevered through a very different experience than graduating classes before them. We certainly did not imagine when we began the year in September that we would be finishing our year learning, teaching and working remotely.  Although this is how things have unfolded, it in no way diminishes the importance of the accomplishments of our graduates to this point in their lives. In fact, finishing the term remotely and adapting to the changes and challenges that you have faced in your academic, and perhaps personal lives, due to COVID-19, shows the incredible determination, strength and resiliency of our CCRCE graduates of 2020. 


Our graduates deserve to be recognized, not only for the work they have done during the virtual learning period, but for their years of study and many achievements they have accomplished which has led to their high school graduation. As a school staff, graduation has always been a highlight of our school year. We certainly recognize the importance of acknowledging this significant milestone along with the many successes of our graduates over the years in a meaningful way.


Although school communities in Nova Scotia are unable to celebrate with our graduates together in groups or have the usual activities and events in our school this year, we will be recognizing our graduates differently in ways that maintain public health guidelines and physical distancing. We have been supported in our preparations by provincial guidelines specific to the planning of graduation events. In order to adhere to these public health guidelines, there can be no group celebrations. Instead, our graduation recognition event will need to be celebrated individually. When it is safe to do so, we will bring our graduates back together to celebrate in a group setting.


I want you to know that all schools in Chignecto Central Regional Centre for Education, as well as across the province, will be recognizing the efforts of our graduating students in a way that respects public health protocols at some point between June 18th to 30th, 2020.  Our school staff is now working through the details of how we can appropriately celebrate, recognize and honor our HNRH graduates of 2020.


Here are the details we have at this point:


  • Caps, Gowns and graduate bags will be available to pick up June 19th (information for specifics will follow)

  • Individual Graduation ceremony for each graduate and 4 guests will be scheduled alphabetically

  • Dates will be Thursday June 25th 9am - 1pm and Friday June 26th from 9am  -1pm

  • Students will have an opportunity for pictures

  • There will be a memory package of a video / slideshow available for students through their gnspes accounts once completed after the ceremony 



We will be in touch with each graduate and their family directly when additional details are finalized for the event.


Our priority is making sure that the recognition event takes place in a manner that respects student and family health and safety by following appropriate COVID-19 public health principles.


Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to work out the final details for the graduation event.




Mark Peveril




Information and Process for Graduates and Families


After much time and many conversations with schools within CCRCE, HNRH now has a plan for Graduation that will keep in line with the guidelines and protocols given to us from the EECD and Public Health Orders. We are asking families to remember to follow the Guidelines and Safety Protocols set by Public Health. To help support the process, we are requiring that all staff and families follow the safe distancing and COVID-19 protocols while taking part in our Graduation celebration. We are requiring the following: 


• You are required to maintain social distancing requirements of 2 metres / 6 feet and COVID-19 hygiene protocols at all times while in the school. 

• We ask that you please wash hands with soap and water before you come to the school

• Do not come to the school if you have COVID-19 symptoms (
• Each graduate will be permitted to be accompanied by a maximum of 4 people who are from the same household/family bubble 

• No groups of 10 or more are permitted to congregate at the same time. 

• Individuals are not to come to the building if they are feeling unwell 

• PPE is not required however if you feel you want to, you may however it will not be supplied. 

• High touch areas (ex: doorknobs, railings and washrooms) will be cleaned often throughout the day 

• Designated entrance and exit doors will be in place to ensure people are not crossing paths.

• When able, doors will be propped open to allow people to enter the school and gymnasium without having to physically touch a door. 


Graduation 2020


Prior to the ceremony

  1. Graduates can pick up their cap and gown on Thursday June 19th.  Times will follow. Beginning at 9 am

  2. The individual ceremony celebration will take place over 2 days from 9am - 1pm each day.

  3. Graduation appointment times will be created in alphabetical order for June 25th and running through June 26th. The school will contact individuals with their time once attendance is confirmed through email.  Keep in mind times can not be confirmed until after final grades are finalized to confirm graduation.  

  4. Appointment times will be scheduled for 10 minute intervals to accommodate the 2 day process 

  5. Please email to confirm you will be attending. This will need to be confirmed ASAP and emails are asked to go to Ms. MacIntyre and Mrs.Jackson

Graduation Day


The process will be the same for both days.


  • Graduate and 4 guest will arrive at HNRH

  • Security will direct you to park in the bus lane in front of the school main doors

  • You will enter the main (front) entrance

  • A staff member will have you enter the building

  • You will be directed towards the gym

  • Ms. MacIntyre will receive you at the gym entrance and direct you

  • Graduates will walk towards the stage and wait to be announced

  • Once announced, the graduate will proceed onto the stage and walk to the table to get their grad envelope/package (placed on a table) which will include their diploma or any other graduation information, awards, bursaries, scholarships, prizes which will be read out loud by school representative.

  • Parents/Graduates will also have the opportunity to flip their tassel, pose for pictures, exit across the stage 

  • Graduate and 4 guests will then head down cafeteria hallway for photo op and then up the stairs and then be do their “grad walk” out of the building through the front KDS doors


A few other important notes


Graduates/Parents/Families must make sure that you arrive on time for your appointment (not early or later), and follow the directions when you arrive at the school. Representatives of the staff and administration will be on site during this process. Again, this is extremely important as there will be a number of Graduates and want to make sure we make the experience extra special for all. 


We appreciate all your efforts in supporting this process and the necessary protocols to make this safe for everyone involved. Last Reminder: Because we are currently living during a pandemic, we are asking for your patience and support of extraordinary measures to help support and preserve the health of our employees and your families.



Mark Peveril




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