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Principal's Message

Welcome back to another school year at HNRH. It is with great pleasure that I welcome you as a member of the HNRH community. I look forward to working in partnership with all of you in the upcoming school year. We know that it is essential that educators, parents and students work together to create a learning environment that is safe, stimulating and productive for everyone. Toward that end, it is my hope that you will embrace all that HNRH has to offer both in and out of the classroom in making it a successful and memorable school year.
As parents you are the best advocate for your child. Never hesitate to get involved in school life either by volunteering in the school or being part of the School Advisory Council. Your concerns, suggestions and especially your support are important to us. Ongoing and honest communication is the best insurance for a positive experience at HNRH.
The information contained in this student handbook is offered as a guide to assist us in maintaining an atmosphere conducive to learning and respect. The element of respect is a major focus at HNRH. Several examples of this include regular attendance, arriving to class on time, remaining focused in class and demonstrating appropriate behaviors as identified in our PEBS Matrix. We encourage students and parents to read and discuss the information together at the start of the school year in order to follow the guidelines to the best of your ability. We also ask that you refer back to it as necessary as the school year unfolds.
Your success at HNRH relies on your commitment and determination to do your best. A positive attitude will help you put your best foot forward in both academic and co-curricular activities. Communication plans will be distributed for every course that you are taking. These are to be taken home for you and your parents’ reference. Please review these at home.
Your teachers have developed a policy of school to home communication. Your parents can expect to be contacted by your subject teacher/homeroom teacher when:
 positive behaviors have been noticed and recognized
 homework/assignments are not completed and/or passed in
 major assignment/test has not been completed, passed in, or failed
 a noticeable decrease in effort/performance has been observed
 any academic/behavioral concern arises
 behavioral concerns/detentions have occurred
 by your homeroom teacher when an attendance concern arises
The staff of HNRH will work together to provide both academic and social supports for you as you strive to be the best you can be in an environment that promotes and models respect for all.
Leanne Searle
Hants North Rural High School

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